America will get off oil…whether it wants to or not

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James Howard Kunstler the author of what will likely go down as one of the most accurate forecasts of our time, The Long Emergency, posits that the fix of our “addiction to foreign oil” is inevitable…whether we like it or not.

The central idea in Mr. Obama’s speech is that we will reduce our oil imports by one-third in a decade. This is a gross distortion of reality.  The truth is that our oil imports will be reduced automatically, whether we like it or not. The process is already underway. The nations that export oil to us are using much more of their own oil even while their supplies have passed peak production and entered depletion. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Mexico have some of the highest population growth-rates in the world. They sell gasoline to their own people for less than a dollar a gallon. At the same time China and India are driving more cars and importing a lot more of the world’s declining supply.