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Remembering Mike Brown and the Ferguson movement

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Three years ago today, I received a message from a friend in St. Louis who told me something was very wrong in Ferguson. The police had shot an eighteen-year old, and he had been lying on the street for hours. Police response was apparently tentative at best. I looked outside. Clear sunny day. No weather impediments. I quickly surmised that …

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The Panama Papers – First Strike Against Putin’s Corruption

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If you didn’t know much about international finance, you probably didn’t see the journalistic project known as The Panama Papers as a retaliatory move against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Wikileaks did immediately. Although the tweet was since deleted, the political warfare operation took to Russia Today to complain that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists wasn’t being ethical about their leaks, …

Russian threats to NATO

My interview on the future Russian threats to NATO

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I was recently interviewed by the Kosovo newspaper Gazeta Metro on threats to NATO and which¬†geopolitical trends should be most important to leaders in the Balkans. My English comments are below. It won’t surprise you that Russia features prominently. 1) There have been several articles in European press in recent weeks, outlining the danger coming from Russian hybrid warfare that …