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How grownups discuss national security and intelligence

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We live in a moment when the President of the United States’ “strategist,” a febrile neo-Nazi website publisher, has re-configured the National Security Council such that he’s on it and the Director of National Intelligence and the Joint Chief of Staff are no longer permanent members. We live in a moment when a sitting U.S. president refers to intelligence reports …

Super Bowl Ads Budweiser

Super Bowl ads show a corporate rebuke of Trumpism

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Super Bowl ads of 2017 show that Trump is bad for business, and business knows it. The themes of inclusiveness showed definitively that whatever public polling might be available about the new administration’s policies, the data behind the strategic marketing of some of the world’s biggest brands show that Trumpism isn’t permanent, and its supporters aren’t influential enough to court. So …

Trump executive orders

Trump executive orders threaten American business

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Trump executive orders are leaving America and the world in shock. With each passing day, the administration engages in sudden, unplanned, and extreme measures that are causing chaos. Business does not like chaos. More than two months ago I wrote a preview of what a so-called “nationalist” government would do to American business interests. I projected that America’s abandonment of …