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The 7 things I learned about business from Guitar Center

Eric Garland Guitar Center, Retail Trends 5 Comments

As many of you know, I’ve been tracking the fate of Guitar Center for more than two years now, my mad, toothless Ahab against the White Whale of its private equity-blooded, retail Leviathan. When, oh when, shall it finally wash up bloated on the beach, a thousand harpoons from inconsequential bloggers, disgruntled former employees, and nonplussed customers festooning it from …

Guitar Center slashes sales commissions by 75%

Eric Garland Guitar Center 2 Comments

I am cited in Forbes about what may be the final chapter in Guitar Center’s degradation toward bankruptcy: Guitar Center has been in and out of the news over the last few years mostly thanks to Eric Garland’s excellent analysis of the company’s woeful financial state. The huge musical instrument retailer has been treading water for some time, but now it …

A very special update on Guitar Center 2014 finances

Eric Garland Guitar Center, Retail Trends 5 Comments

People have been asking me to comment on Guitar Center’s Q4 2014 financial performance. Like any pro musician, I take requests! The following commentary involves Abraham Lincoln, Les Misérables, Guy Fieri, and earnings that have declined by 33% year over year. No basses were harmed in the making of this video.

The Radical Future of Musical Instrument Retail

Eric Garland Music, Retail Trends 10 Comments

Some of my most popular material of late has been about musical instrument retail, though focused on a single company and its effect on the marketplace. Nearly a million readers later, I have been hoping to do a much more thorough job of showing just why MI retail is undergoing a revolution, one with ample shocks for all players. I …

The End of Guitar Center

Eric Garland Guitar Center, Retail Trends 372 Comments

This is an obituary for Guitar Center, a chain of big box musical instrument stores that was captured and infected by private equity during a national trend of greed and reckless expansionism in the late-1990s and early-2000s. The company started as a Los Angeles organ store, became a successful purveyor of guitars after the Beatles arrived in the United States, …