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Super Bowl ads show a corporate rebuke of Trumpism

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Super Bowl ads of 2017 show that Trump is bad for business, and business knows it. The themes of inclusiveness showed definitively that whatever public polling might be available about the new administration’s policies, the data behind the strategic marketing of some of the world’s biggest brands show that Trumpism isn’t permanent, and its supporters aren’t influential enough to court. So …

Missouri Election Board

St. Louis, corruption, culture, and change: an eyewitness view

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Due to a long-story, this Vermont-native, francophile, Washington DC-denizen resides half-time in St. Louis, MO. I got here in 2010, stepped out of the car, and while my brain adjusted to a climate that compares unfavorably with the surface of Venus, I recognized right off, holy mother of God, is it 1888 around here? The racism thing was absolutely seething, though the …

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The marriage rate in the US has dropped precipitously in two decades

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This trend courtesy of the CDC show that the marriage rate in the United States has dropped considerably in twenty-five years. Since marriage has become one of the major factors in household formation which in turn drives consumption, might any further weakness in the institution result in additional changes in consumption behavior?