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Putin’s Complaint: Why Russia Set Out to Subvert the Global Order

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Last Sunday I went on a Twitter rant about the role of Russian intelligence activities in the 2016 election. To say it has caused a bit of a stir seems to be an understatement. In case you aren’t much of a Twitter user, or as many have indicated, Twitter threads make for awkward reading, you can luxuriate in the horizontal …

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Trump’s “Nationalist” Government Spells Potential Disaster for Business

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Status quo and normalcy bias is on florid display in board rooms and cubicles alike across America. Since the election of Donald Trump and the halting, abnormal formation of what looks like it might be an administration, I hear some executives replacing strategic analysis with wishful thinking about what this new government means for business. Normalcy bias is causing these …

Russia establishing naval base on Syrian Mediterranean coast

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Ships, piers, command and control, air defense. That’s what Russia is establishing as a permanent military installation in the failed state of Syria. This apparently includes the fabulous S-300 next-gen surface-to-air missile battery, which you may remember from the time that airliner got shot down over Ukraine. You know, in addition to violating Finnish airspace and hacking U.S. political elections. …