Baby Boomer Future

Baby Boomers, the future you were promised has arrived

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Whether I’m speaking on the road as a keynote speaker or consulting in a company or hanging out at a cocktail party, the moment I say that I study future trends, there is a high likelihood that somebody born between 1946 and 1964 who will take me to task: This has annoyed me for years, since I never personally promised …

Ferguson was a failure of knowledge management

Ferguson was a failure of knowledge management

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There is a cultural and political question that Americans are asking: How could the corruption and abuse detailed in the Department of Justice report on the Ferguson Police department have gone on under our noses? How could a police department conduct themselves in such a lawless manner for so long without it coming to some authority’s attention? Beyond the moral …

Futurist Methdology

Why I’m proud to be a futurist

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All my friends know that I have a problem with the F-word. Futurist. The word sounds cool and has such a weight to it. It ought to be a sought after job title, yet despite my experience as a bona fide professional futurist, I have struggled mightily these past few years with it. The word is fraught with connotations and …

The off-grid future of economic development

Why the future of economic development could be in Haiti

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My friend, colleague, and longest-standing business partner Josette Bruffaerts-Thomas was looking at a disaster on top of a disaster. She circled above her native Haiti, unable to land because of the massive earthquake that just leveled the country, killing hundreds of thousands of her countrymen. Had her flight not been delayed by an hour, she would have lost her life …


Why Frank Underwood is an American hero

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I am poised on the edge of my seat as the final days tick down to the release of the third season of Netflix’s blockbuster series House of Cards. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have given us some of the most brilliant archetypes of American power we’ve ever seen, and definitely the most brilliant acting that can be acquired on …