The bright, small, entrepreneurial future of guitar stores


I’m excited to share this podcast with you that I just did with Jason Verlinde, publisher of Fretboard Journal on the future of guitar stores. Mr. Verlinde tells me that he has been pummeled with my articles on Guitar Center being shared across his social networks, and he wanted to get my take on what else is going on in …

Eric GarlandThe bright, small, entrepreneurial future of guitar stores

The Ferguson Illusion

Ferguson Park.

Three days ago, my life was principally organized around hiking mountains, locating the perfect lobster roll, and figuring out what I was going to consume with maple syrup next. Yes, I dragged my entire brood from our current digs in St. Louis back to my native Vermont, because there is nothing sweeter than northern New England in August. Low humidity, …

Eric GarlandThe Ferguson Illusion

When PR flacks make more than journalists


Joshua Foust has a great retrospective about the implications of journalism’s decline, inspired by a Pew study that shows public relations professionals making around $20,000 more than journalists on average. This should be thoroughly unsurprising — in fact, the downward salary pressure on reporters is what ultimately pushed me out of the field. When august publications like The Atlantic build …

Eric GarlandWhen PR flacks make more than journalists

Private equity wonders about regulatory crackdown

The facade of the U.S. Federal Reserve building is reflected on wet marble during the early morning hours in Washington

It turns out that the private equity industry has reached its pre-crisis peak in terms of consolidating industries through M&A activity. Moreover, some people in Washington appear to finally be waking up and realizing that maybe the situation has more in common with 2007 than anyone would care to imagine. And DC might be scared that junk bonds could do …

Eric GarlandPrivate equity wonders about regulatory crackdown