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Regulate firearms like automobiles

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A very special policy analyst stopped by my Facebook discussion thing (featuring extra rants!)  last night to say that all gun laws change nothing except to ruin the lives of hamsters and – HEY! – what about cars, which kill more people? Don’t change anything about guns until you finally get around to making laws for killer cars! This is …

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Keep gun laws the same – but change the conversation forever

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The bodies aren’t even in the bags when they start calling people “gun grabbers” and claiming that the Constitution was written exclusively for their tactical toys, as if Adams and Jefferson were modern fundamentalist Prepper militiamen instead of thoughtful liberal philosophers in search of a functional society. It is now clear that no blasphemy is grotesque enough to motivate action …

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After Boehner, the Deluge

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“Après moi, le déluge.” This French expression attributed to Madame de Pompadour translates literally to “after me, the flood,” and is thought to be an 18th century version of, “F**k this, I’m outta here, and y’all can do whatever.” This was the sentiment mic-dropped with great verve by one John Boehner of Ohio on Friday. Reportedly he brought the Magic …

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Pope Francis, the world’s most awesome CEO

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Today, I’m writing to you in the Nation’s Capital, the Modern Babylon, St. Reaganopolisville, Hollywood for Dorks, Washington, District of Columbia. (Motto: We all pay taxes and get no representation but at least we run everything – no wait, the SuperPAC money does – oh well cool license plates and tattoos) It is a beautiful morning, cool and calm. We …