Here are 3 energy trends that show this isn’t a New Normal

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A lot of pundits have been spiking the football that Peak Oil was a big hoax, the US is back "exporting petroleum" again, and that things are back to a New Normal. Well, these three energy trends show that things aren't as normal as we were led to believe. This is just how many new oil rigs are being used ...
The Competitive Futures Podcast

Relaunching the Competitive Futures Podcast

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I’m excited to relaunch The Competitive Futures Podcast after a hiatus of a couple years. Hey, podcasting became a thing again and my carpal tunnel thanks you, Internet! I'll be covering future trends and management techniques for how to use them in business strategy. Our first two episodes are with Dr. John Bordeaux on the future of knowledge management. Episode ...

Leadership in the era of Wirearchy

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I have witnessed the future of leadership in the Twitter timeline of Charles Wade. Mr. Wade, who goes by @akacharleswade, has been a leader and chronicler of the Ferguson movement since the very beginning. Today, he had a salvo of blistering critiques for Oprah Winfrey after she made the following statement as to her lack of involvement with the justice …

equity versus debt ownership financial trend

The rich get the stocks, the poor get the debt

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I found this snapshot of the U.S. financial system to be particularly compelling. This chart shows which percentile of society (i.e. the richest 1%, the next 10%, the bottom 90%) has ownership of which kinds of financial instruments. The stock market is enormously weighted to just 10% of Americans. The top 1% of households own 63% of equities, and together …

fracking production curve

Oil production trends, fracking, and low gas prices

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In a new initiative called “Declare Your Bass Amps a Business Expense,” I’d like to unveil a new video series called Bass & Trends. Yes, you could get economic news anywhere, but can you get reliable data on oil production trends, accompanied by funky bass lines? No, as you know, I’ve got that market cornered. This cheap gas thing is …