Ethical business versus financiers, family edition


Several of my readers have asked me to cover this unusual conflict going on in New England, the family feud between the heirs to Market Basket supermarkets. It seems the board has ousted the CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, who is beloved for his ability to balance profitability with the prosperity and happiness of employees. The battle concerns more than this …

Eric GarlandEthical business versus financiers, family edition

Proper Memorial for the Music Business: A Trilogy


Recently, I read the last sad story about the demise of the music business I care to read. This latest covered how once proud metal guitarists have been reduced to singing 80s pop to make ends meet, tragically left to decompose in ignominy at the bar mitzvahs of the greater Jersey metroplex. Not a week before, I read about this …

Eric GarlandProper Memorial for the Music Business: A Trilogy

Book Review: “The Thunder That Roars” by Imran Garda


“Let the world become a brotherhood before it becomes a neighborhood,” is a 20th century expression that implores us to improve the quality of our relationships before technology increases their number and complexity. The bad news is that it’s too late for this sentiment. The world is connected and interdependent, yet we know little about our neighbors, little about that …

Eric GarlandBook Review: “The Thunder That Roars” by Imran Garda

Rich guy sees pitchforks ahead


In Politico Magazine, a publication whose quality is pleasantly surprising me, there is a rather astonishing OpEd from one of Amazon’s original investors, Nick Hanauer. It seems that he is being briefed on some of the same economic indicators as I, and is drawing similar conclusions. Realizing that, seeing over the horizon a little faster than the next guy, was …

Eric GarlandRich guy sees pitchforks ahead