10 Ways to Survive the Freelance Economy

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Yesterday, I wrote about the inexorable trend toward Uber-style at-will employment as traditional institutions are disrupted by the mobile Internet and its social implications. Technology is neutral; it is our choices about what to do with it that makes for good or for ill in society. Particularly in America, where we tie healthcare to employment, this transition promises a lot …


The Gobbe is the enemy of the job

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My consulting firm Competitive Futures has one thing – and just one thing – in common with Uber: neither of us want to create a single job if we can help it. Yup, we’re both anti-job, as are most corporations these days, a state of affairs which should be an absolute nightmare to every single member of the workforce, not …


Chazerai Nation, or why shopping sucks in America

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Seeking a non-pharmaceutical method of healing the psychic pain of wrangling two sub-civilized creatures who I hope to carry my DNA into future centuries all alone for the past week, I just chose a decidedly American option: retail therapy. Yup, most of the time I go for that “post-consumerist” self-deception where I tell myself I’m not into physical goods (except …

B.B. King

Things I learned from B.B. King’s music

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Choose your phrases carefully. Better say one thing well than just run off at the mouth. It’s all about dynamics. If you want them to care when you start shouting, you need to whisper too. We all have the same twelve notes, it’s about the feeling you put behind them, and your sense of taste in assembling them into language. …