executive head in sand

How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps – a new executive education course

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I’m excited to announce a brand-new course that I have developed specially for the International Competitive Intelligence Conference coming up in Bad-Neuheim, Germany on April 22: How to Avoid Strategic Mindtraps. For those familiar with my Future Intelligence methodology, this is an advanced course for professionals who need to understand the deeper psychological aspects of our work as analysts in …

Ferguson bonds subprime

Ferguson bonds downgraded to subprime amid lawsuits

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In competitive intelligence, you can use bond prices as an indicator for future financial difficulty and thus strategic intelligence. Bondholders are often privy to behind-the-scenes financial reports and price future risk into their trades. Let’s have a look at the municipal debt for Ferguson, Missouri. It floated about $3 million in muni bonds that – prior to the protests and …